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As Ghana’s upstream regulator, the Petroleum Commission (PC) believes that Sound community relations and social investment programming promotes sustainable economic growth, education, and the health and welfare of people who live near or are affected by a company’s operations. The PC encourages innovative community relations programming arising from cross-functional partnerships between industry, government and indigenous people. The PCs standards on Community Relations and Social Investments are in tandem with IPEICA and IFC core standards on Social Responsibility in the extractive industries.


Defining Community Relations

The field of Community Relations has gained significant recognition across various sectors – particularly in the extractive industries. Many organizations have come to the realization that business activities do not take place in a social vacuum. Therefore, there is the need for effective community interactions and stakeholder management that takes into consideration the interdependencies of the organization’s activities.


Community Relations refers to modalities that organizations use to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities in which they operate. When companies accept their social responsibility and take an active interest in the well-being of affected communities, long-term benefits in terms of community support, loyalty, and good will accrue creating a conducive environment for business. To this end, complementary social investment programmes (assisting government to achieve development targets), effective stakeholder engagement and forums for dialogue/sensitization at various levels are critical components of good or effective Community Relations.


Conversely, an atmosphere of poor community relations, minor disputes can escalate into major disagreements, conflict and even wars can engulf nations and spill over to neighboring countries creating a more severe regional problem.


Functions | Responsibilities


  • The Strategic Objective of the Community Relations Unit is to
    • Promote effective coordination, management and supervision of corporate, governmental and community interactions to support positive social development outcomes and enhance revenue generation in the sector.


  • The Strategic Objectives for Community Relations are informed by the following Guiding Principles
    • Equity and Equality: Commitment to fair treatment for all, through open access to resources, structures and decision-making processes at all levels of society, as an essential basis for good community relations.
    • Human Rights: The PC is committed to promoting the human rights of all as a fundamental basis for good community relations.
    • Interdependence: PC recognizes and affirms the interconnectedness of the personal and community experiences of all those living and working in oil and gas affected communities. The PC was therefore established to promote good relations based on trust, respect and inclusion.
    • Respect for Cultural Diversity: PC is committed to the promotion of inter-cultural respect and the peaceful expression of variety and difference.
    • Conflict Prevention/Resolution: PC recognizes Conflict Prevention and Resolution as an essential condition for the growth of trust, dialogue and conflict transformation to poise community members to benefit from the sector.
    • Openness, Transparency and Accountability: These core areas underscore the Commission’s work in the area of Community Relations.


Technical Standards for Core Stakeholders

The Petroleum Commission Technical Standards for Community Relations will serve as the recommended foundation for programming between relevant stakeholders. These goals will assist to mitigate the social and human development risks associated with exploration activities and ensure that sustainable development investments are made by oil and gas companies to support the livelihoods of Ghanaian citizens residing in target areas and manage the expectations of indigenous groups:


  • Maintain ethical practices and sound systems of corporate governance;
  • Integrate sustainable development considerations within all stages of Community Relations programming and related decision-making process;
  • Uphold fundamental human rights and respect cultures, customs and values in dealings with local stakeholders affected by commercial and CSR activities;
  • Implement risk monitoring and management strategies based on valid data;
  • Contribute to sustainable approaches to land use planning for on-shore exploration and production activities;
  • Contribute to the social, economic and infrastructural development of the communities.



Community Relations

We protect the social, environmental and economic livelihoods of communities that are affected by the petroleum activities of oil and gas companies.

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