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We protect the social, environmental and economic livelihoods of communities that are affected by the petroleum activities of oil and gas companies.

To have a permit issued by the Petroleum Commission renewed, the following are the processes.

A. Submission of Renewal Application Form and Related Documents DOCUMENTS

A renewal application form to operate in the upstream petroleum industry MUST be submitted with the following documents.

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  • Financial Statements must be audited by a recognized auditing firm.
  • The Commission will work closely with all Government agencies to ensure strict compliance with all statutory regulations. Companies or persons failing to satisfy the Commission's renewal registration requirements will have their application rejected.


B. Assesssment and Evaluation of Application

  1. The Commission would review all applications and where necessary, may carry out site/facility inspections. The outcome of the review could be any of the following:
    1. Application rejected
    2. Additional information required
    3. Application Approved
  2. Successful applicants would be required to pay appropriate renewal fees based on their Annual Turnover.


C. Issuance of Permit

  1. Renewal Permits would only be issued by the Commission after the applicant has satisfactorily met all the requirements and paid the appropriate fee.
  2. Permits would be ready for collection five (5) working days after the appropriate fees have been paid.
  3. Permits can be picked up by an authorized representative with a valid company or National ID (Driver’s licence, Voter’s ID or passport).



  • All communications to the Commission MUST be on company's official letter head.
  • Application for the renewal MUST be made by the corporate head of the company or an authorized representative.
  • All applicants would be restricted to one category. Applicants may then select at most two (2) activities under a particular category in accordance with the Commission's Classification of Upstream Petroleum Industry Activities.



Supporting Documents

  • Registration Guidelines - download
  • Classification of Upstream Petroleum Companies - download
  • Petroleum Commission( Fees and Charges Regulation 2015) - download
  • Petroleum Commission Act (Act 821) - download
  • Guidelines for the formation of Joint Ventures - download


Schedule for Submission of Applications - Click here

Documents Source
Cover Letter Applicant
Last three (3) years Audited Financial Reports Applicant
Valid Tax Clearance Certificate GRA/IRS
Valid SSNIT Clearance Certificate SSNIT
Copy of Expiring/Expired Permit Applicant

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